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Council of Asia Furniture Associations (CAFA) was established in 1980 and now has 20 members from countries and areas in Asia and Pacific region including APFEA, APFMA, MOSDER, CFIP, CNFA, 3F, HKF&DA, ASMINDO, HIMKI, JEAFTI, KFFIC, KOFA, MFC, MFIA, NCFDC, SFA, TFA, TFCC, DAMRO, SUNMORE.

The purpose of CAFA is to organize and promote international cooperation based on mutual understanding and harmony for the promotion and development of the furniture commercial and Industry in Asia and Pacific region. And thus to contribute to the improvement and prosperity of the furniture industry for members. Therefore, CAFA formally set up committees and in 2003 will activity develop and promote the furniture industry in Asia and Pacific region.

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